Say Hello to BPCM – the modern way of Test data provisioning in SAP

Say Hello
DECON-IT is working in the area of SAP Test Data Provisioning, Data Migrations and Upgrades for more than 20 years now. For a long time, it was always the same approach: Customers want to have system copies – or – in the newer ages some reduced copies of data like time slices.

Why a new Product?

At some point in time we recognized that the classic way will most likely not survive too long since a lot of things are changing in SAP or even in the whole world of IT. 10 years ago, nobody really thought about Cloud approaches. Signing a non-disclosure for external workers was the highest level of security to protect your data! But there was no Product on the market to cover the new approaches!

Today, all those things are changing. Security of data is a key topic for every company. Governments are coming-up with data protection laws and guidelines. At the same time, Business processes need to be updated and adjusted much more frequent, which raises the need for reliable up-to-date test data, available in non-productive systems. Monthly releases of new or updated features must be supported with data of lower level systems.
All of this, in addition to the fact that a usual customer does not live in a single SAP ABAP based system anymore, brought us to the idea of building a new software which is supporting all or at least most of the requirements a customer does have today, but also in the near future.

Now, after nearly a year of development we are proud to present the very first version of BPCM.
BPCM stands for “Business Process Copy Management” – the way how to copy your production data into non-productive test environments.
We were listening to our customers, collected technical aspects, but also functional aspects. We have put this as a requirement. And we are proud of the outcome of our very first version of this Test data provisioning Product:

Business copy process managment logo (BPCM)
  • Cloud optimized: BPCM can run as WebApp at most of the cloud providers. Since it only needs an application platform and a database, it is highly scalable and easy to maintain.
  • Data will be copied based on a process: There are scenarios which can just copy a simple business process, but there are also scenarios to copy a huge amount of data and perform complete client refreshes.
  • Data anonymization / data scrambling: Data can be scrambled to fulfill data protection requirements.
  • Complete client refreshes: Refresh a complete client by time-slice or by object-based approach. Extend the process to your needs by extending our so-called “Complex selection framework”.
  • State-of-Art data connection to SAP: We only use SSL connection between the SAP systems to give the possibility of a faster, reliable and more secure data transfer. No more classic RFC connections are used!
  • There is more than just a SAP System: Today, most customers have other systems working in parallel to their SAP Systems. BPCM can connect to nearly any WebAPI based system and has some special interface e.g. to SuccessFactors.

There are even more features available. Head over to our product site to get an overview or download the technical specification.

Our product is currently in Pilot phase. If you think your company has a good approach – something with special need – we are happy to talk about Pilot projects. Just contact us and we are glad to give your more information or demos.

Jan Poepke, Managing member of DECON-IT (Twitter: @janpoepke)