SAP Data Migration

Data migrations, such as moving to a different database or operating system, can be very complex and can provide customers with a huge challenge. Especially when it comes to very large systems with many years of history, the downtime challenge need to be handled. DECON-IT can help you with those tasks by using the right tools and know-how to simplify and automate your data migrations and replatforming activities.
Our requirements-based approach lowers the risk and delivers results. It covers the entire enterprise systems project lifecycle from planning to transition, including ERP implementations, upgrades, consolidations, and migrations. This means that projects are performed according to high quality standards, completed in expected time frames at a predictable cost, and that risk is carefully monitored.

Support for your Data migrations?

You need help in realizing your Data migration plans and projects? We offer certified Data migration specialists and also Project specialists with many years of professional experience in this comples area.

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